Jeremy Mills

Jeremy Mills


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Photographing people.

There are so many facets to what makes a good photo. The main one is you. I photograph people in their element and help them show what makes them who they are, or who they want to be.

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Images of you, about you.

Whether you are a business needing commercial photos, an agency needing studio looks, or a family wanting memories for their walls, it is important that your essence is conveyed through your images. I work closely with each client to get to know them and their message/identity before the camera even comes out.

Jack of many trades.

Diversity in skills is important to get the highest-quality photos and experiences. I’ve been making photographs for two decades, and feel equally at home in a studio with lots of lights as I do with just my camera, a subject, and whatever happens to be around. The key is really digging in to what you are wanting as far as style and making sure that is the primary focus of the session.

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Your experience is custom tailored to the places and personalities of you, your business, or your family.  Leave some information below and let me know what kind of photos you are interested in and when you are wanting your session. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Not a forms person?  No worries!  Send me an email or call me and I will have all the information you need!

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