Have Camera Will Travel.

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Father, photographer, Mexican food enthusiast.  I have been creating artistic, entertaining, and valuable photos for nearly 8 years now.  I bring a fun but focused approach to my sessions and communications and have a deep love for all things photography, especially shoots that challenge or are beyond the norm.  

My portrait clients are numerous and come from all angles, from fashion models who want to play with fire to families wanting memories in this beautiful area where we live.  Commercial clients include Cinetopia Theaters, Dauntless Wine Company, Fortis Construction, and Beats Per Minute Fitness.  I service the Seattle/Tacoma area and beyond, and am always looking for new commercial, editorial or portrait clients.

Feel free to contact me with booking/rate inquiries, general questions, or to just say hello.  I'm always interested to hear from you whether you are a photographer, model, potential client, or just a fellow human being.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks!