A calm afternoon


I’m still getting the hang of this writng about photography thing. I’m the type that is most comfortable behind the camera, and this is a little jerky and clunky as I figure out the flow of it all. Luckily I have excellent clients who are happy to let me post some of their photos online, so that helps..

For this week, I got to photograph this amazing person and her family earlier in the year. It was one of those where i didn’t quite know all of how it was going to flow when I met them at Point Defiance in Tacoma Wa, but once i met them I knew that it was going to be a really enjoyable time and yield some great photos.

Christina wanted some photographs of her family, but also some images for her online presence. She is a Yoga instructor, artist and mother. How she balances it all I don’t know, but I knew that i needed to get her a good blend of types of shots. I chose a part of the park with a variety of landscapes to choose from, and we were off.

This family was a ton of fun. The kids had A LOT of energy and were running around in the sun. I settled in and let them keep running around, working to photograph the family in what was obviously their natural environment; chasing each other around and laughing while doing it.

family and yoga-4.jpg
family and yoga-5.jpg
family and yoga-13.jpg

Once we finished the family session, it was time to switch to commercial mode and get her some awesome images for her popular Instagram page and website. She is a Yoga professional, and she wanted to get some photos that captured the essence of what she did, and show off some of her killer threads at the same time. With my tiny voice-activated light-stand (daughter) in tow, we moved from place to place trying to get the shots that she wanted. As with all shoots, the location was what made it; I don’t think these images would have had the same effect were they to be done in the middle of the city.

family and yoga-17.jpg
family and yoga-20.jpg
family and yoga-19.jpg

All told the shots came out beautifully and Christina was super happy with the mood they created. They will look amazing hanging on her wall with a nice pearl paper, and hopefully they will help her expand her online presence. I can’t wait to do the next yoga shoot I can put together, it’s such a calm affair and the people who partake in that art are always a pleasure to be around.

Do you do yoga? Let me know, I have some ideas that I want to run by you for some shots!