Little Ones Close To The Coast.


I recently went out to Astoria on the Oregon coast to take in the sights, sample the local brews, and watch some football. While I was there, a close friend asked me to get some pictures of the family. Of course, I was happy to help out, and in the process get to see some more of a beautiful little town.

As is often the case in the Northwest, the weather wasn’t fully cooperative. It was cold and REALLY foggy - in the way that only the Oregon coast can be.

astoria birds-1.jpg

I’m never one to let the weather get to me, though; when I rolled up to the quay where we were going to shoot, I saw what was up and immediately set up a game plan. I walked the area and saw what was there, what we could use as a backdrop since nature wasn’t going to give me one, and then figured out how to get the little ones to follow my plan. It worked, and we pushed through and got some great pictures that really showcased the personality of the boys.

foggy marsh social-1.jpg
foggy marsh social-7.jpg

The boys have a LOT of energy. Getting them to sit still was not hard, per se, but a skill that I have developed over years of photographing children is getting them to stop and look at the camera for that one second, that one instant where I can make the picture. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, but it pretty much always happens.

foggy marsh social-4.jpg
foggy marsh social-6.jpg

After a little while it became obvious that the sitting was over and it was time to let them run amok and really be able to show off their personality. These two are very different, but you can tell that they love being brothers in the way that they chase each other around and play off of each other.

foggy marsh social-13.jpg
foggy marsh social-12.jpg

Their parents are some of my favorite people. I’ve known them since college and they have this personality that is so loving but so hilarious at the same time. I couldn’t let them get away without getting them in front of my lens at some point.

foggy marsh social-11.jpg

All told this was an excellent weekend. My team won, the sun eventually came out and we got to spend the day walking around Astoria, and I got some great pictures for a family that I really enjoy being around.

Don’t ever let the fact that it’s rainy or cold make you think that you can’t get great portraits or family pictures. I believe that inclement or seasonal weather can often make pictures with more character and uniqueness than those shot in nice, warm sunlight. Rob and Holly found this out, and I try to let everyone that contacts me know this. Challenges make great photos. :)

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