Narrows Beach Senior Session

When I was asked by Anneliese’s mom to take some senior portraits, I was happy to get to shoot a senior session. When she told me she wanted something near the water, I was stoked! I have wanted to do a single-person portrait session at my favorite place in Tacoma to shoot, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Annaliese Senior Social-9.jpg

A universal factor in any portrait session is - as they say - location, location, location. This place has so many different things packed in to a small area, you could spend all day shooting photos of people and never have any two look the same, assuming you are okay with laying in the sand or climbing a fence or two! We didn’t even go in to the other half of the property… Saving that for next time.

Annaliese Senior Full Res-10.jpg
Annaliese Senior full res set 2-3.jpg
Annaliese Senior Social-1.jpg

The weather up until this day was TERRIBLE. Giant raindrops and crazy wind and thick, dark clouds. The morning of the shoot, I could hear it pouring as soon as I woke up and figured we would be dodging rain showers all day. But the weather gods smiled on us, and literally as I pulled up to the parking lot, the sun came out, and the weather was gorgeous for the entire session.

Annaliese Senior Full Res-13.jpg

I mean, other than the wind it was gorgeous!

Annaliese Senior full res set 2-2.jpg

Turns out Anneliese and her mom we both hilarious. They were super good natured about the challenges of the wind and changing light, as well as being cool with going where I asked to get the shots. This included her climbing out on an abandoned pier, and mom being a willing voice-activated light stand. This cooperation flows from the subject of any shoot being relaxed. Achieving that relaxation is something that I pride myself on; a photo shoot should be fun - you are making art, after all - and the subject should be interested and feel like they are connected to both me and the process. These are their pictures and it is important that they have a say in how they are created!

It’s always a plus when the subject of the shoot has a good attitude and is patient while working through poses to make sure that the shot is correct. It’s even better when she is a natural; almost every shot we went for she posed herself in a way that only took minor tweaking.

Annaliese Senior Full Res-5.jpg

I decided with this session to throw in a little bit of fashion flair. We already had the mainstay senior pictures, and I prefer with any session to not just get those but also to throw in something unique that will set the images apart from the crowd. I don’t believe in cookie cutter photos - or cookie-cutter anything, really - and the results speak for themselves when my clients love the images that are delivered.

Annaliese Senior Full Res-8.jpg
Annaliese Senior Social-6.jpg

All told this session was a blast. Good conversation and lots of laughs were had, and some really great pictures were taken. Huge thanks to Anneliese for being patient and willing for this shoot, and congrats on the upcoming graduation!