A post-modern guerilla wedding

When Bryce and Kelsey asked me to photograph their wedding, I felt a bit conflicted. I don’t shoot many weddings, but I love these two and they knew I’d do it for friends. What I didn’t expect was that it would rekindle my love of photographing these special days.

See, I’m a real sucker for a wedding; I love the entire atmosphere, the energy given off by the couple and by those who have gathered to see them on their special day. The dancing, the food… All of it. As a hopeless romantic it’s just a special thing all around, but as a photographer it is presents a huge variety of possibilities. And, luckily for me and for the pictures they would get, these two have a ton of fun and a very unique style.

Gorski Wedding first look set-5.jpg
Gorski Wedding first look set-2.jpg

Bryce and Kelsey decided to do this wedding THEIR way. They didn’t want a huge ceremony and an ungainly, expensive thing; they wanted a small affair with family and friends. To that end, they decided on a guerilla-style wedding! They rented a small speaker, and invited their friends and loved ones to gather under a gorgeous old Oak tree at Titlow park in Tacoma.

Their ceremony was quick, but hilarious and emotional. With other people in the park - including vendors setting up another wedding nearby - they exchanged their vows, their rings and their faith and got married.

Gorski Wedding first look set-20.jpg
Gorski Wedding first look set-24.jpg

After the ceremony, it was time for the best part… as a photographer, that is. I love taking pictures of the couple RIGHT after the wedding. They are still backing in the glow of each other, their adrenaline hasn’t worn off so they are willing to do just about anything you ask, and their hearts are still pounding so the emotion they give off is absolutely real.

These two met when working together, fell in love, and couldn’t wait to get married. It showed in the way that they looked at each other for the entire wedding day.

Gorski Wedding first look set-35.jpg

It was cloudy and the light was flat and it had rained recently, but none of that mattered. Luckily we live in a beautiful place and down by the water it’s hard not to find a place to photograph people that won’t look amazing. They wanted their pictures with the bridge nearby, by the water. They never got more than a couple of feet from each other the entire time we were shooting.

Gorski Wedding first look set-38.jpg
Gorski Wedding first look set-39.jpg
missed first look set-2.jpg
Gorski Wedding first look set-48.jpg
Gorski Wedding first look set-50.jpg

After this quick but intimate portrait session, we hopped in the cars and rushed to meet the rest of the wedding at a local favorite, Narrows Brewing and their beautiful facility. Speeches, jokes, cake, beer, and dang-good BBQ food followed before they climbed in a sea-plane and headed up to the islands for a much deserved vacation/honeymoon.

I had an absolute blast photographing this wedding. Two amazing, hilarious people that are very obviously deeply in love with each other got hitched, and they love the large set of great pictures they received afterward. I look forward to the opportunity to shoot another wedding sometime in the near future!